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Katie Dixon

Head Chef/Owner

Katie's love for food was born from a desire to fuel her body while developing a passion for healthy eating. Her heart is to nourish and heal lives with good nutrition that leaves your body & your tastebuds satisfied.

Favorite thing to cook: Asian fusion

Favorite thing to eat: Pho - but if she had to eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be an Acai Bowl :) 

Favorite color: Pink

In another life she was: a Fairy

Words to live by: "Be kind. Be brave. Be love."


Kate Dearman

Creative Director/the Yin to Katie's Yang

Kate loves food, art & showing people they matter. Her love for nutrition was born from a desire to help herself & others have compassion for their bodies.

Favorite thing to cook: Yellow Curry

Favorite thing to eat: Anything with sweet potatoes

Favorite color: Crimson Red

In another life she was: an Elf

Words to live by: "Have compassion. Remember to breathe. Don't sweat the small stuff."


Dustin Hofer


Dustin’s passion for food is fueled its power to connect people. He loves food because it is at the root of most cultures. In Dustin’s words, “Food acts as a universal language” that has the power to connect us all.

Favorite thing to cook: Any and everything. Dustin says he’s still learning his way around the kitchen, experimenting along the way, so it’s too hard for him to pick a favorite just yet.

Favorite thing to eat: Asian Cuisine - particularly sushi

Favorite color: Green

In another life he was: Sasquatch

Words to live by: "Comfort the afflicted. Afflict the comfortable."


Catherine Dean

Assistant Chef

Catherine has had a passion for food since a young age. She began her career at a culinary technical college in Orlando at the age of 17. Since then, she has worked at a variety of restaurants and is glad to have found a home at the Birdhouse Cafe

Favorite thing to cook: Sweet potatoes

Favorite thing to eat: Any type of smoothie

Favorite color: Yellow

In another life she was: a beautiful plant in a garden

Words to live by: “Though some may say I cannot sing, none can say I did not sing.”


Brandi Lott

Pastry Chef

Brandi is a wife and mother of 5. She left the business and number crunching world to pursue a passion for food. She loves to inspire, motivate & encourage others. Brandi feels food is an amazing opportunity to do so. She has a sweet tooth bigger than most which led her to pursue pastry. She followed her sweet tooth and dream all the way to NYC which is where she mastered her passion. For Brandi, the kitchen is her happy place, the place she goes to clear her mind & a way to transform negativity into beautiful desserts.

Favorite thing to cook: Cake or bread

Favorite thing to eat: All things chocolate

Favorite color: Blue

In another life she was: a butterfly

Words to live by: "Let everything you do be done in Love."


Penelope Richardson

Cooking Assistant

Penelope was raised in the kitchen alongside both of her grandmothers. Her childhood love for baking has grown into a full-time heart for food.

Favorite thing to cook: Anything with citrus

Favorite thing to eat: Lemon Field Cake

Favorite color: Red

In another life she was: most definitely a Mermaid

Words to live by: "Live everyday like it's your last."


Lydia Hare

Cooking Assistant 

Lydia, an aspiring designer, loves materials and has a passion to create for the awesome humans in her life! The humans she has surrounded herself with enjoy nutritious foods. She aims to combine her interests with those around her, bringing her personal talents to the team.

Favorite thing to cook: Breakfast foods

Favorite thing to eat: Potatoes, in any form

Favorite color: Purple

In another life she was: A unicorn

Words to live by: "Make it work."


Whitney Clark

Sales Manager

Whitney started cooking in college when she wanted to learn to cook for her husband, Walt before he came home from Iraq. 

Favorite thing to cook: Tacos :)

Favorite thing to eat: Katie's tacos

Favorite color: Green

In another life she was: Nessie from Lochness

Words to live by: "Give kindness & love one another."